Jambs and Framing

Standard framing includes your choice of either a primed wood jamb, or a white painted steel replacement “L” frame. Modern engineering provides a solid foundation for your new entryway with additional options.

Select a new construction jamb and your doors, sidelites, and transoms will be built into a completely new construction jamb unit made of primed wood. Or select a steel replacement frame for your single or french door and replace your new sidelite or transom selections directly into the existing jamb.

Custom Configurations

Single Door

Door with Left Sidelite

Door with Right Sidelite

Door with Two Sidelites

Door with Two Sidelites and Rectangular Transom

Double Door

Double Door with Elliptical Transom

Double Door with Rectangular Transom

Double Door with Two Sidelites

Triple Door

Armormax JambTM

Replacement entry doors emerged during the 1970’s. The steel “L” frame shored up the jamb giving it the security that homeowners desired. The ArmorMax Jamb™ System replicates that security in a pre-hung door by having an 18 gauge steel “L” frame embedded in the jamb on the lock side. And if needed hinge side.

  1. Pre-installed in the jamb
  2. Can be applied to any size jamb including custom sizes
  3. Replacement frame strength with new construction jamb
  4. 18 gauge frame with 10 gauge backing plates at knob and deadbolt
  5. Painted to match interior door color – white is standard
  6. Can be stamped for mortise lock
  7. Available for doors up to 96”
  8. Lock side standard, hinge side is optional
  9. Door size remains the same overall including stop sets
  10. No more stop sets to install

New Construction Jamb

4 9/16 Prime Wood Jamb STD
Optional: 5 1/4, 6 9/16 and custom sizes

Steel Replacement Frame

Steel Replacement Frames are constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel with 10 gauge plates located on the lock and hinge sides for extra reinforcement to help keep intruders out. White is standard.
Steel replacement frames are utilized when removal of the existing jambs is not practical. It allows for a new door to be adapted into an existing jamb, providing new hinge & strike plates while hiding the old hinge and strike cut-outs.