Care and Maintenance

Beauty, craftsmanship and quality are what make HMI Entry Doors the most sought after entry doors on the market.

HMI entry doors are easy to maintain. They are engineered to provide years of trouble free enjoyment.

To maintain your warranty follow these maintenance instructions and schedule.

Normal Environments

Wash and apply protectant every 6 months.

Harsh Environments

Areas exposed to salt, fog and where dark colored doors are exposed to direct sun or behind storm doors are considered harsh environments. At installation apply protectant and then every 3 months wash and apply protectant.

Washing Your Door

Wash your door and glass using only mild dish soap, warm water and a clean soft cloth. Do NOT use harsh detergents. Rinse thoroughly with a gentle water spray.

  • Avoid harsh cleaners. Examples of such cleaners are: glass cleaners (ex: Windex), ammonia, bleaches, grease removers (ex: Fantastic), detergents containing organic solvents, nail polish removers and furniture polishes
  • Only wash or apply protectant when the door is cool to the touch.
  • Avoid chemical sprays such as lawn pesticides and fertilizers.

Applying Protectant

After washing and thoroughly drying the door, apply a non-powdering wax or protectant such as “Turtle Wax Express Shine” or “Armor-All Original Shine”. Apply to the outside doors face and edges, following the directions on the product label.

Wood Grain Stained Doorsr

The HMI’s wood grained stained finish has been uniquely hand finished. Much like wood, beautiful natural variations in finish, color and shade.

To maintain the beauty and luster of your wood grain finish it is recommended to periodically refinish the clear urethane coating. This is accomplished by lightly roughing up the surface with a “000” steel wood pad. Use a foam brush to apply high quality clear exterior spar urethane cut 10%.

Repair and Refreshing

If your door is ever damaged or you wish to make a décor change, paint repairs or refinishing may be made with exterior grade latex paint.

For repair of wood grain finishes where damage is exposed down to primer or bare metal, first use exterior grade latex primer to match the base color. Then apply stain color to repainted spot by hand rubbing and feathering to match the surrounding color. The stain should be an exterior grade solid color with pigments in an alkyd base for color retentions.

Finally, after being satisfied with the color match, apply a coat of clear spar urethane.