Arch Top Doors

HMI’s Arch Top Doors are available in 5 shapes. Homeowners can choose the shape that fits their architectural needs. Each arch top door is custom made.

Standard and Steel Build-Up Framing

For Security and Aluminum Storm Doors. All frames are powdercoated to match door.

Expander FrameTM

HMI’s patented expandable frame for the aluminum and security storm door helps make installation a snap and the appearance beautiful. It allows for adjustments up to 3/8”. Made of extruded aluminum it creates a perfectly level opening to fit the storm door.


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All doors manufactured by HMI are coated with a “state-of-the-art” powdercoat finish to give years of trouble free enjoyment. The metal is cleaned and treated with chemically balanced detergents. The doors are then top coated with a powdercoating that is electrostatically applied and finally baked at 400° offering excellent adhesion, hardness and weather resistance.