Internal Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds

Thermally sealed between two pieces of tempered glass, Internal Blinds combine the privacy and light control of conventional blinds, with a hassle-free internal design requiring no dusting at all. Simply use the top control to tilt through a full 180° rotation or use the side control to raise or lower the blinds.

Note: There is a ¼” gap between the edge of the blind – left, right and bottom – and the glass trim. This ensures proper operation when raising and lowering the blinds.

Internal Mini Blinds

HME 337

HME 338

HME 341

HME 342

HME 347

HM 345

HSE 337

HS 343

Internal Mini Blind Color Options


Silver Moon


Slate Gray

Internal Mini Blinds with Internal Grids

Available in White Only

HME 439

HME 440

HME 441

HM 447